Arctic Combo: Heli Skiing & Polar Bears

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Nestled on the shores of Baffin Bay, the fjords of Baffin Island hold some of the best skiing in the circumpolar Arctic! Unskied mountains, hanging glaciers and rolling alpine terrain of the Arctic cordillera provides uniquely untapped terrain for guests to explore.

Panorama of Weber Cocktail Couloir

This land is the home of polar exploration; Baffin Island is more than 500,000 square kilometres in size (5th largest island on earth) and has a population of less than 15,000 inhabitants across the entire island. This is the land of glaciers, polar bears, and Arctic mountain ranges.

During the months of April and May, a very unique event takes place. As the spring Arctic sun begins to bring warmth to the polar terrain, the snow quality and temperatures provide great skiing! Light snow and 24-hour sunlight! The month of April and May also coincides with polar bears who, having emerged from the dens in late March, have yet to leave the coastal Baffin area for the floe edge — they inhabit the very areas where we ski!

A great video produced from a visit in 2015 gives a flavour of some of the heli-skiing, ski touring and wildlife in the area!

Weber Arctic Expeditions is proud to offer heli-skiing on Baffin Island every April and May to guests from across the globe.

Working with the community of Clyde River, Nunavut, we are proud to host guests in the community of Clyde River at a privately staffed hotel. Welcoming a maximum of 8 guests per week, heli-skiing is offered in the fjords of Baffin, a short flight from the village. We operate on a small basis — two groups of four guests only.

Truly Arctic elements such as polar bear viewing, dog sledding and drum dancing are a few of the highlights to name.

Raven Brothers Glacier