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If you were unable to attend or would like to download some of the presentations or documents, you will find them in a list below.


Canadian Wildlife Service:

Enforcement in EC Protected Areas_NU_Tourism_AGM_FINAL.pdf

Permitting Visitation to Nunavuts EC Protected Areas_ NU_Tourism AGM_FINAL - Copy.pdf

Customer Service Training:

Customer Service Presentation.pdf

Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

Nunavut Tourism Presentation 2014 - DFO.pdf

Funding Partners:

ED T Tourism AGM.pdf

Kakivak Business Department Oct 2014.pdf

Nunavut Tourism 2014 NCFA.pdf

Transport Canada:

OUMF Presentation 2 Iqaluit Oct 2014.pdf


 If you have any questions or comments please contact Kevin Kelly at (867) 979-6551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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The Arctic has some of the most beautiful flowers, hidden in plain sight, on the tundra. They may be small, but sure do make up for their size in colour, beauty and striking contrast to the often bare high-arctic tundra.

Every summer, these small colourful plants come out from underneath the winter snow, and bloom with the arrival of the arctic summer sun. Some bloom for just a few days! Here are just a few of the flowers on Somerset Island, along the Northwest Passage, and within the vicinity of Arctic Watch.

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I must say I have never been a big fan of audioguides. True, most of the audioguides I have listened to in my life were those strange sound systems they sometimes give us in museums. What happens is I often don’t have the time the whole visit requires. Often I speed through the museum in thirty to sixty minutes, stopping at the places that interest me the most. With these systems, we are forced to follow a rhythm and descriptions that make me feel like a prisoner.

However, I always appreciate the content, which teaches me a great deal of things. I also like audio books I can listen to while walking to work, cooking or cross-country skiing. They are a great way to nurture the mind.

We don’t just spend an hour or two in a city, we discover it for days, even years, and in my case anyway, I get to know cities from top to bottom and take great pleasure in discovering major boulevards and small side streets, which sometimes hide well-kept secrets.

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Have you taken advantage of our Marketing Assistance Program yet? You can submit up to two thousand dollars in marketing expenses for Nunavut-based products and Nunavut Tourism will give you up to a thousand dollars back!

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Nunavut Tourism is committed to visiting several of our communities each year in order to keep current with the needs and concerns of the tourism industry across Nunavut. During these visits, we meet with existing and potential members, community partners, and often give a presentation at the schools about career opportunities in tourism and the benefits that tourism can provide to the community.

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2014 is fast approaching and Nunavut Tourism will once again be attending some important consumer and trade shows to promote Nunavut! Our priority, along with promoting Nunavut as a world-class tourism destination, is always to promote our members' products and services to potential travelers and to the travel trade.

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We are very excited to introduce this feature to our website and to have a new way to connect with people around the world who want to travel to Nunavut. Whether you're interested in Inuit culture, our exotic wildlife, the abundance of unique outdoor adventure opportunities or other activities, our blog will have something for everyone! Subscribe or check back regularly – we will be adding new content every month!

Here you can expect to find stories, photos, videos and other great content – not only from the team here at Nunavut Tourism, but also from our 130+ members from Nunavut's tourism industry who deliver and contribute to the experiences that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. From our guides and outfitters to our cruise operators to our fishing and wilderness lodges, our members have an endless supply of great stories and stunning imagery that will inspire ideas for your northern adventure!

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